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AFL may sack Sherrin over child labour
9/21/2012 3:02:25 PM sherrin afl football - Bing News
Football maker Sherrin could be sacked as ball supplier to the AFL after being hit with a breach of agreement by the league over its alleged use of illegal child labour. But the AFL will continue to use Auskick balls hand-stitched by poor Indian children ...
Sherrin child labour disgusting, Demetriou says
9/25/2012 4:36:48 PM sherrin afl football - Bing News
AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou says it is "disgusting ... boy said his son had been pricked by a sewing needle found protruding from the skin of a Sherrin football. Chris Lambert, Sherrin's managing director, today said he believed the fault was ...
Sherrin risks being punted
9/22/2012 12:09:51 AM sherrin afl football - Bing News
All participants are given a synthetic Auskick football when they sign up. Most are hand-stitched in India. AFL boss Andrew Demetriou declined to be interviewed yesterday but a spokesman said: "We understand Sherrin is investigating these very serious ...
Pungent leather smell the stuff of dreams
3/6/2012 10:06:37 PM sherrin afl football - Bing News
When Therese agreed to marry him he gave her a football ... lot for granted when a new Sherrin lands in his hands every weekend. He has seen the joy on the faces of blokes huffing and puffing around the lower leagues when AFL players return to their ...
A glimpse into Sherrin footballs of the future
3/6/2012 7:38:02 AM sherrin afl football - Bing News
FOOTBALLS with GPS tracking are being tested by AFL clubs ... continue to drive the future of football, factory employees say the ball itself remains as traditional as the first one, produced in 1879. Sherrin makes more than 600 balls each day and every ...
Indigenous business tackles multinational football maker Sherrin
1/24/2013 10:15:32 PM sherrin afl football - Bing News
AN indigenous business will tackle multinational football maker Sherrin in a symbolic victory for Aboriginal ... Negotiations are under way with the AFL and Port Adelaide to use the IFB-produced "ceremonial" balls against the Crows in the first match ...
Warne the latest code hopper?
4/22/2014 5:11:00 PM sherrin afl football - Bing News
I'm 100% behind this & am offering my services if Ed & the #AFL have a role for me #honoured ... 2012 No stranger to a Sherrin, Warne played 2 nd team football for his beloved St Kilda before his unbelievable talent with another red ball drew him ...
Indigenous business tackles multinational football maker Sherrin
1/25/2013 3:22:08 AM sherrin afl football - Bing News
"We have to prove to the AFL over the ... pilot period that we can make Auskick balls better and as quick as the Indians and Chinese - and ultimately as good as Sherrin in Melbourne," said Mr Harms, who is utilising Syd Sherrin, the last Sherrin to manage ...
Sherrin recalling 450,000 Auskick footballs
9/25/2012 12:46:23 PM sherrin afl football - Bing News
The footballs are used across the country by the more than 170,000 youngsters that take part in the AFL's nationwide program ... IMAGE: Six-year-old Dylan Ferlano with the Sherrin Football he received in an Auskick pack last year. He was pricked by ...
FOX FOOTY’S League Teams asks who is the best snap for goal in the AFL?
4/8/2014 5:31:00 PM sherrin afl football - Bing News
Old fashioned football folk bemoan ... kick a regulation drop punt. But, as AFL ruckman prove each week, when executed poorly the end result is exponentially disastrous. There’s a fine line between hitting a Sherrin in the sweet spot and in the wrong ...
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